Refund Policy


All solutions we offer here are solutions as codes and they are sold as solution codes.

Free Offering are:

  • Rebranding of solution
  • Deployment on Server
  • Compiling and Publishing on Stores

You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued.

To be eligible for a refund, all the information must have been provided by you at the time of payment for the solution and we have not met our written solution features as per our demos.

We only provide custom-coded solutions that are not eligible to be refunded or returned as we get the payment we dispatch the source codes to the customer.

Additional non-returnable items:

  • Add-ons Purchased
  • Hosting Services
  • SEO Services

Please do not send your purchase to anyone else.

Refund Policy Simple

If we fail to deliver, then we refund. If you demand something out of scope or your failure to comply with the proposal or invoice won’t be refundable.

Please get in touch with us – Here.

You can read more about the Refund Policy in general – Here