Grab Clone

Grab clone is very well known cab on demand solution along with deliveries and courier.

Enables you to offer Ride Services along with Food & Grocery and Parcels Delivery.

In the Grab Clone Script & app customers can request a taxi, courier, food, grocery, etc. The nearby service provider receives a notification for this service. They can accept and start serving. This solution aims and RI – Rides, DY – Delivery, CO- Courier.

Don’t wait anymore Grab Clone solution we offer is turnkey by inception and the deployment phases and timeline will blow your mind.

Daily Rides & Pool Rides
Rentals & Outstation
Courier & Deliveries


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Ride & Rentals

Ride Now or Later with Moto, Cars & Jets. There are lot of ways to get around. Get rides on Rentals for longer time periods.
Technofuels - Miraculous IT Solutions, Clone Development, Android Apps & IOS Apps

Pool Rides & Courier

Share Pool Rides to save on costs as well as Point A to Point B or Multiple Points pickup and deliver stuff.
Technofuels - Miraculous IT Solutions, Clone Development, Android Apps & IOS Apps

Food & Else

Order Food, Grocery, Household Items & else and get it delivered to your doorstep without any hassles and time loss.



Control & Manage all the aspects of web, services, payments & else.


Phone Calls, VoIP Calls, Chat & support functions from web and apps.


Multi-Maps APi to help reduce costs as well Geofencing capabilities.


Multi-Currency with multiple payment gateways to get you working.


Rebranding & Customisation is done to meet client needs to perform.


Solution is capable to perform in any region and geography and language.


Complete reports of the system to get the all time stats and state of business.


Complete SEO control of Web & Panels to get ranked in Search Engines.


OTP for registering, starting services, confirming extra charges and else.


Manually take over the requests and assign providers to serve.


Accounts for Sub Admin, Dispatcher, Billing, Operations and Custom.


Admin can enable subscription model for provider to pay and go online.


Concept Features Capabilites Inclusions Marketability Revenue Model Advanced Future Prospects
Grab Clone Script & App is an on-demand multi-services app solution. Comes packed with 10+ on-demand services. Ride-hailing, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Alcohol Delivery, Courier Delivery. Powered by a lot of features and functions. Easy to use UI. Built like a tank. Make millions on the go by launching a Grab Clone!
Grab Clone Script is a ready-to-launch super app solution. It offers many on-demand services such as on-demand transportation, delivery and courier. This script comes with various exciting features. It is customisable as per the client’s requirements to scale up their business.

Taxi & Delivery Services

Grab is an app that started its story as a taxi-hailing service app. It has kept on outgrowing itself. It later added courier and delivery services. It has improved itself as a one-stop solution for all the needs of a customer. The user now can use one single app for all their needs. Instead of installing different apps for different services.
All our lives have been undergoing many changes after the pandemic. We can term it as a total collapse in our lifestyles. But as always, we humans find new ways to make our lives safe, secure, and comfortable. The rise of on-demand services. A rapid rise in the usage of smartphones due to Covid19.
Mobile apps are turning into saviours. And this time, our saviour is super apps.
Search for the list of some of the world's trending business verticals, and it's inevitable that you find the on-demand iterations of mobility, delivery, and a plethora of similar services topping the charts. What if you can converge this whole spectrum of services into a single offering? A titular solution that quenches anything and everything? Grab Clone powers you to foray into the market with one such business arsenal.

The Grab Clone is an on-demand services platform that provides multiple services on a single platform, including ride-sharing, food delivery, courier services.

The platform is designed to provide a seamless user experience with an intuitive interface, multiple payment options, real-time tracking, advanced analytics, seamless communication, and customizable features.

It is built on robust and scalable technology, supports multiple languages, and allows customers to rate and review service providers, helping businesses maintain a high level of service quality.

Key features of a Grab Clone:

  1. Multiple Services: The Grab Clone offers multiple on-demand services on a single platform, including ride-sharing, food delivery, courier services. This means that customers can access a wide range of services with just a few taps on their mobile devices.
  2. Seamless User Experience: The platform provides customers with a seamless user experience, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate through the application and access the services they need. The application is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with minimal steps required to complete a transaction.
  3. Multiple Payment Options: The platform is integrated with multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and net banking, making it easy for customers to pay for the services they use. Customers can choose the payment option that is most convenient for them.
  4. Real-Time Tracking: The Grab Clone provides real-time tracking of service providers, allowing customers to track their location and estimated time of arrival. This feature provides customers with a sense of security and helps them plan their schedule accordingly.
  5. Advanced Analytics: The platform provides advanced analytics and reporting, allowing businesses to track their performance and make data-driven decisions. Businesses can monitor key performance indicators such as revenue, user engagement, and customer satisfaction.
  6. Seamless Communication: The platform provides seamless communication between service providers and customers, making it easy to resolve any issues or queries. Customers can communicate with service providers via the in-app chat feature or by calling them directly
  7. Customizable Platform: The Grab Clone is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs and requirements. Businesses can customize the platform's user interface, add new services, and integrate with third-party systems.
  8. Robust Technology: The platform is built on robust and scalable technology, ensuring that it can handle high volumes of traffic and provide a fast and responsive user experience. The platform is designed to be reliable and scalable, ensuring that it can support businesses of all sizes.
  9. Multi-Language Support: The platform supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a wide range of customers. Customers can choose the language that they are most comfortable with, making it easy for them to use the platform
  10. Ratings and Reviews: The platform allows customers to rate and review service providers, helping businesses to maintain a high level of service quality. Ratings and reviews provide businesses with valuable feedback and help them improve their services.


Demand for running the on-demand business in a smooth way are high in recent days. With the aim of providing simple customer service and making more profit. The startup owners always look for an update in the business model. Technofuels built the Grab Taxi clone Script to make it easy and available for anyone. This allows you to provide users with services like delivery with taxi-services.
On Demand features that make the Grab clone app to be an excellent platform. Anyone can run the business of taxi and delivery with our custom solution. People have move towards an app-based service booking and ordering. This is the time when user and market demands are changing. As the same as that of, the app-storage is also the main thing for the users. Downloading of the application related to each service leads to storage issues.
Hence they look for a one-stop solution for all. To meet this demand, Technofuels comes up with a unique app solution, the Grab clone app. With the addition of features as per the requirements and user needs. Our Grab clone script extends the mobility service into the multi-service platform. It carries the delivery, rentals and personalized bookings, etc.
This solution helps businesses to offer many services under one roof. Providers also get the order for services to make money. Deliver a wide range of services to the customers.
The unique features of our clone app Grab
Real-time tracking,
Efficient trip/order management,
Workable booking options
Power up the online business as per the customer preferences.
We do the complete white-labelling for you. Logo, App Icons, App Names and Color schemes we do it all. Get your own Grab clone app from us to improve your growth.
Grab Clone Script & Apps are apps that come with many on-demand services. Required by a common man in the day to day life. Pandemic has changed lives in many ways. People prefer staying indoors rather than stepping out for every need. They expect to fulfil all their needs in a few taps rather than roaming around in the streets. All these expectations of the people have come true in the form of various apps for various services.
This is again a problem, to fill up smartphones with many apps which slow it down. While a user does not make use of all the apps on a daily basis. This has given rise to the need for a single app that offers many on-demand services. Our Grab Clone Script is one such solution. It comes with 10+ on-demand services that include:
Taxi-hailing services,
Food delivery / Grocery Delivery services,
Courier on Demand
p2p payments,
wallets and more.
Grab clone app is one of the open-source multi-service booking scripts. To make the service providers carry many on-demand services to the customers. This is the most powerful clone of Grab.
In 2022 taxi business is not just limited to taxi booking but free will of driver to make deliveries using driver app. The user and provider and store apps are published on App Store and play store.  Admin panel can be used to view the status of trips as well as manage the entire team. 
Email Protected social media login using mobile app or web. Easy to get app driver with many payment options.
With enough experience in on-demand taxi app development. Technofuels provides you with a powerful grab app solution. That is relevant to the market demands and customer preferences. To build the well-manageable clone app Grab. Technofuels uses the latest technologies and include the necessary features. By investing your money in one-time, you can be the sole owner of your application. Right from the concept to business plans to the final deployment of the application. Technofuels offers complete 360-degree support. By making a partnership with us, you can experience the following things
  • 100% complete source code
  • Tech-support on app
  • Customization,
  • Installation,
  • Bug handling
  • White-label solution
  • Quick app deployment
  • Multi-platform testing

If you are an entrepreneur looking to harness the adulation for super apps, yay! You have landed at the right place. At Technofuels, we offer you with the Grab Clone- an avant-garde multi-service app solution that can be customized end-to-end and can vehemently be rebranded with your business elements. Armed with a stellar package of iOS, Android, and Web apps, the Grab clone is wholesome in every sense of the word. Now at an unbeatable price!

The revenue model of a Grab clone, which is essentially a ride-hailing and on-demand service platform, can involve several key revenue streams. Here are some common revenue sources:

  1. Commission Fees: The primary source of revenue for Grab clones is usually the commission fees charged to service providers, such as drivers or merchants, who use the platform. These fees are typically a percentage of the total transaction value. For example, the platform may charge a commission of 20% on each ride or service provided through the app.

  2. Surge Pricing: During periods of high demand or low supply, Grab clones can implement surge pricing, also known as dynamic pricing or peak-time pricing. This means that prices for rides or services may increase temporarily. The platform can take a percentage of the higher fare charged during surge periods, resulting in additional revenue.

  3. Advertising and Promotions: Grab clones can generate revenue through advertising partnerships and promotions. They can offer advertising space within the app or send targeted advertisements to users based on their preferences and location. Additionally, the platform can collaborate with merchants to promote their products or services through special offers and discounts.

  4. Subscription Services: Some Grab clones may introduce subscription-based models to generate recurring revenue. They can offer premium memberships or loyalty programs that provide users with additional benefits, such as lower commission fees, priority access to drivers, or exclusive discounts. Subscriptions can be charged on a monthly or yearly basis.

  5. Delivery and Logistics Fees: If the Grab clone includes delivery and logistics services, such as food delivery or package delivery, the platform can charge delivery fees for each completed delivery. These fees can be based on distance, order value, or a combination of factors. Additionally, the platform may charge merchants for providing logistics and fulfillment services.

  6. Data Analytics and Insights: Grab clones can leverage the data collected from their platform to provide valuable insights and analytics to service providers, merchants, or other businesses. They can offer data-driven reports, customer behavior analysis, or market trends, for a fee. This revenue stream capitalizes on the platform's access to a large user base and data collection capabilities.

  7. White Label Solutions: Some Grab clone providers offer white label solutions, where they customize and license their platform to other businesses or entrepreneurs who want to start their own ride-hailing or on-demand service. The revenue is generated through upfront licensing fees, ongoing maintenance charges, or revenue sharing agreements.

It's important to note that the revenue model may vary depending on the specific features, target market, and regional factors. The exact revenue streams and their implementation can be tailored to meet the needs of the Grab clone operator and the market they operate in.

  • Multi Maps API Rotator: The platform uses multiple maps API rotators to ensure reliable and accurate location tracking and routing. This feature also helps reduce downtime and improve overall service quality.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: The platform offers multiple payment gateways, allowing customers to choose the payment option that is most convenient for them. This feature also helps businesses expand their customer base by catering to a wide range of payment preferences.
  • OTP for Rides and Services: The platform uses OTP (One Time Password) verification to enhance the security of rides and services. This feature ensures that only authorized users can access the platform and use its services.
  • Wallet to Wallet Transfer: The platform allows customers to transfer funds from one wallet to another, enabling seamless and secure transactions between users. This feature also provides customers with a convenient way to pay for services and rides.
  • VoIP & Number Masking: The platform uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and number masking to protect the privacy of customers and service providers. This feature ensures that all calls and messages are routed through the platform and keeps personal contact information confidential.
  • Provider Subscription: The platform offers a subscription model for service providers, allowing them to access exclusive features and benefits. This feature also helps businesses retain their top- performing service providers and incentivizes them to provide high-quality service.
  • Reports: The platform provides detailed reports on service usage, revenue, and other key metrics. This feature allows businesses to track their performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations.
  • Provider Withdrawal and Settlement: The platform allows service providers to withdraw their earnings and settle their accounts at regular intervals. This feature provides service providers with a reliable and timely payment system and improves overall user satisfaction.

The future prospects of a Grab clone, which is a ride-hailing and on-demand service platform, can be promising due to several factors. Here are some key aspects that contribute to the positive outlook:

  1. Growing Market Demand: The demand for ride-hailing and on-demand services continues to rise globally. As urban populations increase, the need for convenient and efficient transportation solutions remains high. Moreover, the on-demand economy has gained traction in various sectors, including food delivery, grocery delivery, and package delivery. A Grab clone can capitalize on these growing market demands and expand its services accordingly.

  2. Increasing Smartphone Penetration: The proliferation of smartphones and mobile internet access has significantly contributed to the success of ride-hailing and on-demand service platforms. As smartphone penetration continues to grow worldwide, more users have access to these platforms, leading to increased adoption and usage. This trend is expected to continue, creating opportunities for Grab clones to reach a larger customer base.

  3. Expansion into New Markets: Grab clones have the potential to expand beyond their initial markets and enter new geographical regions. This expansion can be facilitated through partnerships with local transportation providers, regulatory compliance, and customization of the platform to cater to regional preferences and needs. By entering new markets, Grab clones can tap into untapped customer segments and drive further growth.

  4. Diversification of Services: Grab clones can explore diversification by expanding their range of services beyond ride-hailing. By incorporating additional on-demand services such as food delivery, grocery delivery, and other last-mile logistics solutions, Grab clones can increase their revenue streams and enhance customer engagement. This diversification allows the platform to become a comprehensive on-demand service provider, catering to a broader range of customer needs.

  5. Technological Advancements: Rapid advancements in technology present opportunities for Grab clones to leverage new innovations. Integration of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data analytics can enhance the efficiency of the platform, optimize route planning, and provide personalized user experiences. Additionally, the adoption of electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology can further transform the ride-hailing industry, offering sustainability and cost benefits.

  6. Partnerships and Collaborations: Collaborations with other businesses can be beneficial for Grab clones. By partnering with local businesses, restaurants, retailers, or even public transportation agencies, Grab clones can offer integrated services and provide customers with seamless experiences. Partnerships can also provide access to a wider range of resources, such as fleet management, marketing support, or technological expertise, fostering growth and innovation.

  7. Embracing Sustainability: The increasing focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness presents an opportunity for Grab clones to position themselves as eco-friendly transportation solutions. By promoting the use of electric vehicles, reducing carbon emissions, and implementing green initiatives, Grab clones can attract environmentally conscious customers and align with changing consumer preferences.

It's important to note that the future prospects of a Grab clone can also be influenced by market competition, regulatory factors, and evolving customer preferences. Adapting to emerging trends, maintaining a strong brand reputation, and continuously improving the platform's features and user experience are crucial for long-term success.

Process Flow


User creates an account over the web or app & verifies using OTP or email. login into the system, set up preferences. Put up details of locations and wallet.


Provider creates an account. Uploads his documents. Selects services provided. Awaits for admin approval. Once approved can go-online to serve.


User selects the service type needed. Confirms the estimated price & time. Places a request. Nearby driver is notified. As accepted the service starts.


All during the period of the service. The user, provider and the admin can keep real-time tracking. Along with locations on all the stages to ensure safety.


At the end of the service, both user & provider get the invoice of the amount to pay. They provide feedback of service, courtesy & feel. Accomplished.


Check anytime the history of service taken as well as the provider records and payments made and reviews. Re-order the job as needed.
Tech Stack
Web & Admin

We have used PHP with Bootstrap Framework along with MYSQL and NodeJS, to make it robust and flexible.

Android Apps

Android Apps are done natively using Java/ Kotlin on android using all the latest SDK Implementations and UI.

iOS Apps

IOS Apps are done natively using Swift 4/5 on Xcode using all the latest SDK Implementations and UI.

3rd Party API Major

Google Full Map SDK, Social Logins, Twilio, Firebase, Payment gateways, Google Translate & MTR.

Free Deployment

We do the rebranding of your web and apps with your logo, icons & color scheme and deploy them.

Source & Project Codes

We provide you with complete source codes at start and full project codes at the time of final delivery.

Apps Publishing

We take care of publishing your apps in both the stores on your developer accounts and get it approved.

Support Timeline

We offer 60 Days of tech bug support and 1 year of products if any in terms of SDK or API at no extra cost.


Our Grab Clone helps you adapt and thrive in a connected world

We’re here to provide turnkey solutions that are tech rich and works as expected.

Grab Clone script & apps provide anyone with many benefits. It is a great way to kick-start a business in no time. Moreover with so many services to offer. One or another will always be in demand.

Grab Clone Script & Apps
Grab Clone Script & Apps
We help our clients reimagine, restructure and renew business functions to create agile and resilient organizations.

Developing an app with an already successful business model. It will earn your business more users and a huge following. It will generate employment for a city or a nation.


Get started right away to take full advantage of the opportunities with Grab Clone. As our solution is ready and working all perfect. It’s the right time to get into the global market.

The Idea Behind Grab Solution

Grab is a ride hail, food delivery, and financial services platform that is based in Singapore. The Grab app allows users to book a ride, order food, and access a range of financial services, all from one convenient location.

As a ride hail platform, Grab offers a range of transportation options, including cars, bikes, and electric scooters. Customers can request a ride through the Grab app, and a Grab driver will pick them up and take them to their destination. The app handles payment, so there is no need to worry about paying the driver directly.

In addition to ride hail, Grab also offers a food delivery service called GrabFood. Customers can use the Grab app to browse local restaurants and place an order for delivery. GrabFood is available in a number of countries in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Another feature of the Grab app is GrabPay, a financial services platform that allows users to pay for rides and food orders, as well as make payments to merchants and send money to other users. GrabPay is available in a number of countries in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

To use Grab, users must first download the app and create an account. Once they have logged in, they can access all of the features and services offered by Grab, including ride hail, food delivery, and financial services. Overall, Grab is a convenient and comprehensive platform that offers a range of services to meet the needs of its users.

We provide you with detailed solutions for all your problems. We offer a multi-service app with a user-friendly platform for your on-demand multi-service business. Technofuels provides the Grab clone app to start your own on-demand marketplace business. We have a ready-made solution that helps to launch your multi-service business immediately. In case you’re searching for a customizable with white-label solution, Technofuels offers personalized features and functionalities to launch your multi-service business. Our grab clone script is specially developed to simplify multi-service delivery business processes in a single place.

Grab Super App with Grab Taxi, Grab Food & More

Our grab clone script comes with a web admin backend panel and vendor panel, customer ordering portal and mobile app, and driver app. Implementing a grab clone solution will make it easy for your multi-service business to automatize and enlarge your business online. We offer our assistance for you to get a successful grab clone app to launch your own on-demand business.

Technofuels Grab clone script is an online taxi booking platform also offering online food ordering and delivery payment services as well. We have a ready-made script to instantly kick start your online taxi booking business. We are ready to provide a Grab clone script customized with multiple online service businesses. Allowing multi-service booking scripts to make service providers organize and manage many on-demand services to the customers. Our Grab clone script offers an excellent platform to run a business. We offer customer-centric Grab clone features to manage all in one service platform.

The food delivery and business platform are transformed into a digital platform for customers’ preferences for convenient and fast services. Restaurants are looking forward to this idea to fulfill demands and bring ease to business. Further, the solution ensures that multiple businesses such as food, grocery, taxi, parcel, and many more are managed through an advanced platform.

Grab clone is a multi-services delivery platform that enables businesses to offer online delivery, transport, and courier services to their customers. The solution allows the management of multiple services from a single place at any time.

Our grab app script has exclusive modern features that allow entrepreneurs to establish a firm identity in this mobile-driven world. The online food delivery services industry is forecasted to grow dramatically over the coming years. Drive maximum users to your conventional business utilizing our solution that streamlines your business operations.

Customers these days looking for a one-stop solution for their regular needs. Seize the opportunity and empower your business with a feature-rich app like Grab that contains all the services that anyone could ask for. Our Grab clone app solution is highly scalable that enables users to access a range of services without any glitches. With one powerful solution, you can step into multiple online businesses such as taxis, food, grocery, courier, and much more.

Get an app like JustGrab and upscale your transportation business. If you lack the technical know-how but looking for a modern solution for your conventional taxi business, our Grab clone script solutions come to the rescue and offer a powerful passenger app, driver app, and admin panel that will automate your fleet business workflow.

Fostered by the increasing demands of users, our solution contains all superlative features that allow passengers to book a taxi at their fingertips in no time. A set of powerful features such as easy login, availability status, smart route navigation, etc. also makes it easy for drivers to render their services seamlessly.

Create an app like Grab and allow your users to receive food and essential products to their doorstep in no time. Automate your traditional delivery business with solutions like GrabFood clone or GrabFresh clone that come with a myriad of features and help your business to innovate and grow faster.

The E-Delivery system designed by Technofuels allows entrepreneurs to upscale their operations with endless customization options. From managing customers to stores to delivery providers, the Grab clone script fulfills all your business needs and connects you with customers in real-time.

Loaded with comprehensive features, a GrabExpress clone simplifies the courier delivery service and allows your users to place courier delivery requests in a hassle-free manner.

An app like Grab is a robust platform that makes courier and parcel delivery seamless, where customers can place a request using a couple of clicks and track their package in real-time. The system comes with amazing features that allow you to run a courier business and makes last-mile delivery operations smooth and efficient.

The pandemic created a big mess in our lives. People are hesitant to get out of their houses to purchase their essentials, even business professionals are experiencing a huge downfall due to this lockdown. In this case, the on-demand delivery service like the Grab clone app came to the rescue. The Grab clone app incorporates multi-services such as taxi, food, grocery, handy service, etc under a single platform.

The Grab clone app lets the customer opt for the respective service they wish just with a single click and get the assisted service on time. Multi-service apps like Grab clone are gaining huge demand and popularity due to their unique attributes day by day. This app helps to eliminate the cost, and time and also reduces the storage of mobile phones as well.

If you wish to streamline your business into a profitable one? Then develop an app like Grab clone for your business and provide standardized solutions to the end-users. This on-demand multi-service app lets you enrich your business in a seamless way and earn more growth and profit.


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Grab Clone FAQ

A Grab taxi clone is a app similar to the GrabTaxi app, which allows users to hail a taxi through their smartphone.

The app allows users to request a taxi by using their GPS location, and then matches them with the nearest available driver. Users can track the driver’s location and estimated arrival time, and can rate their experience after the ride is over.

A GrabFood clone is a food delivery app that is similar to the GrabFood app, allowing users to order food from local restaurants through their smartphone.

The app allows users to browse through a selection of local restaurants, view menus, and place orders. Users can track the status of their order and estimated delivery time. Payment can be made through the app.

A Grab Super App is an all-in-one mobile platform that allows users to access a variety of services through a single app. Grab, a Singapore-based ride-hailing and delivery company, launched its Super App in 2018. It includes services such as ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, and mobile payments. The idea behind a Super App is to provide users with a convenient and seamless experience by allowing them to access multiple services through one app, rather than having to use multiple apps for different services. Grab Super App also includes services such as on-demand video, shopping, and financial services.

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Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web, Android, IOS

Application Category: Taxi

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