Uber Delivery

Uber Delivery to Get stuff Picked up & Dropped as and when you need it.

Point A to Point B and C, D & E deliveries using Uber Delivery Clone Solution.

Do you want to experience a new way of vehicle booking service – a hassle-free van rental? Download our demo app – Uber Delivery by Technofuels now to experience fast, instant & reliable parcel delivery, courier service, and vehicle hire just like EasyVan, Lalamove, Uber Cargo, Lugg, uber courier.

Don’t wait anymore Uber Delivery Clone solution we offer is turnkey by inception and the deployment phases and timeline will blow your mind.

Bikes, Vans or Trucks
Single or Multiple Delivery
Waybills & Insurance




    Technofuels - Miraculous IT Solutions, Clone Development, Android Apps & IOS Apps

    Single Delivery

    Single Delivery from Point A to Point B with real time updates and secured delivery process.
    Technofuels - Miraculous IT Solutions, Clone Development, Android Apps & IOS Apps

    Multiple Delivery

    Point A to Point B, C, D & more deliveries along with delivery helpers if needed to ensure heavy loads managed well.
    Technofuels - Miraculous IT Solutions, Clone Development, Android Apps & IOS Apps

    Waybill & Insurance

    Waybill Challan for road pass as well toll management and Insurance of stuff to keep you in peace.



    Control & Manage all the aspects of web, services, payments & else.


    Phone Calls, VoIP Calls, Chat & support functions from web and apps.


    Multi-Maps APi to help reduce costs as well Geofencing capabilities.


    Multi-Currency with multiple payment gateways to get you working.


    Rebranding & Customisation is done to meet client needs to perform.


    Solution is capable to perform in any region and geography and language.


    Complete reports of the system to get the all time stats and state of business.


    Complete SEO control of Web & Panels to get ranked in Search Engines.


    OTP for registering, starting services, confirming extra charges and else.


    Manually take over the requests and assign providers to serve.


    Accounts for Sub Admin, Dispatcher, Billing, Operations and Custom.


    Admin can enable subscription model for provider to pay and go online.


    Concept Capabilites Inclusions Marketability
    Uber Cargo Delivery –  Your perfect script and app to hire a vehicle – van, truck, or motorcycle or to get a courier service among cities around the world. Whether you need to hire a bike, van, or vehicle immediately or book a vehicle in advance, our app provides you access to many drivers. Uber Cargo is the need of the modern generation and is widely used and appreciated.

    As we learn to live in the new normal, Uber Cargo wants to help you navigate through this new way of life. We want to make your life a little easier. Technofuels has launched a new product, Uber Cargo –  Uber Delivery, to make it easier than ever to send packages, items, and goods to others.

    What is Uber Cargo?

    Uber Cargo is an easy, same-day, no-contact delivery solution that allows people to send items whether it’s a care package for a loved one, a gift for a friend’s birthday, an item you sold online or an important business document.

    Here’s how it compares with normal package-delivery services

    No postage is required.
    On-demand package delivery—no need to wait hours or days for it to arrive.
    The driver will transport the package on your behalf directly from your location
    No direct contact with others—physical distancing guidance approved!

    How Uber Cargo works

    Prepare your package and secure it shut.
    Select Delivery Type in the Uber Cargo app, agree to the terms and conditions, confirm that your package does not contain prohibited items, and request a delivery.
    Reply to the message you’ll receive in the Uber cargo like app asking for the recipient’s name and any special delivery instructions for your driver.
    Meet the driver curbside and load your package into their vehicle.*
    Instruct the recipient to meet the driver curbside to retrieve the package.

    This is just one of the ways Technofuels Uber Delivery Solution wants to help meet the needs of businesses, drivers, delivery people, and consumers during this time. Even though we have to physically remain apart, staying connected will help us get through this time together.

    Uber Connect is an easy delivery solution that allows people to send items the same day, whether it’s a care package for a loved one, a gift for a friend’s birthday, an item sold online, or a business document.

    Your business can now offer same-day delivery, whether you’re selling clothes, shampoo, or freshly baked cakes.

    Transfer documents, supplies, and equipment across sites or offices to keep things running smoothly.

    Process Flow


    User creates an account over the web or app & verifies using OTP or email. login into the system, set up preferences. Put up details of locations and wallet.


    Provider creates an account. Uploads his documents. Selects services provided. Awaits for admin approval. Once approved can go-online to serve.


    User selects the service type needed. Confirms the estimated price & time. Places a request. Nearby driver is notified. As accepted the service starts.


    All during the period of the service. The user, provider and the admin can keep real-time tracking. Along with locations on all the stages to ensure safety.


    At the end of the service, both user & provider get the invoice of the amount to pay. They provide feedback of service, courtesy & feel. Accomplished.


    Check anytime the history of service taken as well as the provider records and payments made and reviews. Re-order the job as needed.

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    Our Uber Delivery helps you adapt and thrive in a connected world

    We’re here to provide turnkey solutions that are tech rich and works as expected.

    Uber Delivery can charge the customer by vehicle type, loaded weight & the distance to be travelled to pick up and deliver the consignment so it’s like multi-point price controlling.

    Uber Delivery Script & Apps
    Uber Delivery Script & Apps
    We help our clients reimagine, restructure and renew business functions to create agile and resilient organizations.

    Before the Delivery Provider accepts the order, he can check details of consignment this results in the highest level of transparency & ensuring mutual interests safety.


    As your business grows, its support structure needs to grow, too. When you use Uber Cargo Delivery you can scale your business up or down with nothing more than simple customization.

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    We are the top development company for location-based mobile apps and Uber Clone solutions. Share pool script by our development company is well known. Our Taxi Solution with share pool app package gives you your own Ride & Rental Business.

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